Some Korean retailers begin selling eggs again after egg sales suspensionSome Korean retailers begin selling eggs again after egg sales suspension

Some Korean retailers begin selling eggs again after egg sales suspension

And following the food scare,… Most large retailers and convenience stores
in the country– that had pulled eggs from their shelves resumed sales after just one
day,… after the government confirmed a couple of big suppliers were free from potential
contamination. But for many consumers,… the potential health
risks are still in the back of their minds. Cha Sang-mi has the details. In response to the contaminated egg crisis,
Korea’s major retailers and convenience chains had pulled eggs and egg products from their
shelves on Tuesday, however, some are now putting these products back on sale at their
branches nationwide. Korea’s biggest retailer E-mart began selling
eggs again in its 146 branches nationwide at around 4 p.m. Wednesday after the primary
results of the government probe showed that no pesticide was detected on egg farms that
trade with the retailer. Another retail giant Lotte Mart also said
they will gradually resume selling eggs from 20 companies that passed the probe out of
the 50 enterprises they work with. And convenience chain store GS25 also put
back eggs on their shelves after the government’s notification that the poultry farms they buy
from are safe. Despite the government’s promise to resolve
the issue as soon as possible, the halt in egg sales left consumers frustrated and reluctant
from buying. “We eat eggs every morning. I hope the poultry farm will think about people’s
health in the future.” “I came to buy eggs and couldn’t find any. I don’t know what to do… I use eggs for cooking every morning and my
grandchildren love eggs. I hope the government comes up with a good
solution soon to resolve this issue.” This isn’t the first time people have struggled
to buy eggs. The shelves were empty earlier in the year
as people were stockpiling eggs after the bird flu outbreak. Retailers are now waiting for the full results
of the government probe to come out on Friday. Cha Sang-mi, Arirang News.

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