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Daimler Truck AG |  Home Delivery

Flagg is a value-adding distributorship for the cabinet-making and case-goods industry. We are a family-owned business. I’m third generation here at Flagg. Being able to deliver our products to our customers in a timely and efficient manner is key for our success. Delivery is the last step in the sales process. We feel very strongly that when a customer is expecting something that we are able to deliver that promise to them. Freightliner is giving us the types of vehicles that allow us to do that. I drive the M2. I love it. It’s really nice. With the M2 I get in a lot of tight spots. The visibility is very good. There is no stress. I love it. [Freightliner] gave us way more flexibility in a sense that we could better serve our customers which is our ultimate goal really.

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